Hand Pain

Common Causes of Hand Pain Discomfort

  • Using hand tools such as chain saws, air operating tools, jackhammers, powered hammers, sanders and grinders, lawnmowers and trimmers 
  • Holding materials against a moving surface (such as an abrasive wheel).
  • Using rotating or percussive hand-guided tools, where the hands are exposed to high levels of vibration. Any vibrating tool should be carefully considered a risk if it causes tingling or numbness in fingers after 5-10 minutes of continuous use.


Hand/arm vibration contributes to common disorders such as:

  • Vibration White Finger (Raynaud’s Syndrome) is the most common disorder caused by hand/arm vibration.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome through the extra gripping force needed to hold vibrating tools Repetitive shock loads of some tools.
  • Shoulder tendonitis caused by working with vibrating tools such as jack hammers.
 Hand vibration Risks are related to and can be greater or less according to: the amount of tool vibration, the length of time the tool is used, whether tool use is intermittent or continuous, the temperature the hands are exposed to, and the particular work method. Individual susceptibility and risk factors should also be considered - for example, smokers are at a greater risk than non-smokers.


Treatments for Hand Pain and Discomfort

Are you susceptible to the hand pain and discomfort described above? At Viscolas, we understand the shock your body endures during an active day. Common treatments and prevention mechanisms may include:

  • Follow good working practices if you are operating tools in the workplace. Practice working techniques or participate in training to operate the tools you will use, including how to handle tools to reduce the gripping force needed.
  • Set the environmental temperature for optimal circulation to avoid overheating. Keep warm by wearing adequate clothing when working in cold conditions.
  • Recognize and immediately report symptoms e.g. finger tingling or whitening which indicate health problems. Reduce or eliminate cigarette smoking due to the link with Vibration White Finger condition.
  • Use Viscolas products designed especially to provide vibration damping and absorption. The Black Maxx Damping glove is perfect for damping some of the vibration emitted by today’s industrial tools.
  • If the use of anti-vibration gloves is not practical due to the bulk of a glove, use a tool wrap to get the same vibration damping effect without the need for gloves. Our Orthex Grip Kit are excellent additions to vibrating tool handles, reducing some of the vibration to the hand and arm and making the tool more comfortable to use.
  • Use our Viscolas Hand Exercises to stimulate the hand muscles as recommended by your doctor during therapy and rehabilitation