Physicians Orthotics - Viscolas Modular Orthotics System includes regular length physician’s orthotics insoles, along with specialized components. Wide range of components gives you all the flexibility you’ll need to formulate immediate orthotics.

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In the Workplace

With every step, a shock wave is generated through the entire body column. When the ground surface is hard, much of the body’s natural shock absorbing capacity is lost. The buffer between foot and ground is minimized and “skeletal shock” occurs, punishing the whole body column and causing pain and fatigue in the foot, legs, and back.

Did you Know

  • Studies reveal that the skeletal shock produced by simple every day walking on hard surfaces is one of the major contributing causes of the common backache among workers.
  • “Skeletal Shock”, or chronic overload, is a result of repeated impact of the foot against hard surfaces. Skeletal shock can cause pain in the entire body column (foot, ankle, knee, hip and spine). It can lead to foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, painful heels, Achilles tendonitis and also a variety of joint ailments such as joint degeneration and osteoarthritis.
  • When walking, running or jumping, a person weighs from one half to ten times his normal standing or “dead” weight. This added weight and varying pattern of heel strike is imposed on the bottom of the foot, which is unequipped to withstand such repeated stresses. Even standing, the foot carries more than the ordinary “dead” weight of the body. Because we unconsciously shift our weight, we create stress concentrations on small parts of the foot. Seldom is weight distributed evenly over the whole sole.

Viscolas Protection

Originally aimed at offering foot protective products, Viscolas also offers a range of protective ergonomic products for different parts of the body including hand protectors and back supports.