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VISCOLAS®, is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of shock damping products and anti-vibration products selling to professionals and consumers looking for top quality and reliability.

Viscolas, a Division of Impacto Protective Products Inc.  formerly Viscolas Incorporated.

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What Are Viscolas Anti Vibration Products and Shock Damping Products?

Viscolas is a specially formulated visco-elastic polymer that acts like the fatty pads on the bottom of the foot to reduce shock. Viscolas effectively dissipates the skeletal shock and reverberations that occur with each step while equalizing underfoot pressures.

Using Viscolas shock damping products and anti vibration products can reduce the symptoms of heel strike injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints, and provide effective soft tissue cushioning. With every step, a shock wave is generated through the entire body column. When the ground surface is hard, much of the body's natural shock absorbing capacity is lost. The buffer between foot and ground is minimized and "skeletal shock" occurs, punishing the whole body column and causing pain and fatigue in the foot, legs and back. Skeletal shock (when the buffer between foot and ground is minimized) can occur when the ground surface is hard and the shock absorbing capacity is lost. Skeletal shock is produced by simple everyday walking on hard surfaces and is one of the major contributing causes of the common backache among workers.

Viscolas custom polymer is expressly formulated for orthopaedic application. Viscolas products have been proven to speed post operative recovery of the foot, leg, and lower back. Viscolas can reduce symptoms of heel strike injuries such as tendonitis and shin splints. Viscolas provides effective soft tissue cushioning under the feet to aid in pain caused from skeletal shock.

Viscolas has been proven to provide significantly better shock absorbing efficiency than any other visco-elastic polymer. Insoles made of Viscolas are the ones most prescribed by orthopaedic surgeons, therapists, and other health professionals. Viscolas products are also the most chosen for personal use by the staffs of orthopaedic facilities. Insoles and components are self-adhesive, so the insoles stay in place in the shoe and the components stay where you put them. After diagnosing the condition, simply select the components you need, press them onto the insole and place in the shoe. Components can be repositioned as often as you like during fitting and adjusted to meet changing needs during treatment. Every component of the Viscolas system is designed to deliver long-lasting benefits.

Superior compression resistance allows Viscolas to retain its total effectiveness for up to 12 months. Nonirritating Viscolas is resistant to fungal and bacterial growth and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. And the natural tackiness of components can be increased with an application of alcohol or decreased with a dusting of talcum powder.

Viscolas® -- Made in USA; USDA Accepted; Hypoallergenic; Safe for Direct Skin Contact; Tested by Independent Clinical Labs.

Disclaimer: The recommendations and suggestions offered by Viscolas are suggestions based on commonly experienced symptoms and do not represent medical advice. For anything other than minor pain or for persistent pain symptoms, please consult with a Physician for a professional treatment program.

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