Heel Spur Cushion

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This is the original heel spur relief cushion that we have built our reputation on. Made of a cushion-soft visco-elastic polymer, this heel support cushion has a removable "teardrop" plug on the underside, that when removed, relieves the pressure from under the painful area of the heel. Walking is no longer painful because the spur area is "cradled" in a pocket of air and your weight is distributed around the outside edge of the heel support cushion! A natural surface tackiness on the underside of the cushion holds them in place in the shoe to prevent them from slipping. Heel support cushions have been prescribed by doctors and hospitals for almost ten years and are now available to the general public here on the web. Heel spur relief cushions are built to last the life of the shoe and we offer a complete money-back guarantee. Soft antibacterial fabric cover. Sold per pair. 

Superior Compression Resistance / Non-irritating / Resistant to fungal and bacterial growth