MEM Anti-Fatigue Insoles

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Anti-Fatigue Memory Foam Insoles. MEM Insoles offer outstanding comfort and support. They help alleviate fatigue and pain in the joints, feet, knees, legs and back. Memory foam compresses to offer safe clearance and conform to the natural curves of the foot to provide a customized fit. Molded style with heel cup and arch support, soft fabric cover wicks away moisture. MEM show inserts are antifungal, antibacterial, 100% Made in USA, durable made with industrial grade materials. Comfort and protection from repetitive strain. For use with running shoes, snickers, boots and closed shoes; for leisure and work shoes. Sold per pair.

Antifungal | Antibacterial | 100% Made in USA | Comfort & Protection From RSI Injuries | Anti- Fatigue Molded Style | Industrial Grade Materials